Bolu Gulung 3 Telur


Dapat resep dari Ching, bolu gulung pake 3 telor penasaran…. jadi coba buat. Adonan pertama gagal kekentalan, lalu buat lagi pake susu cair. Baru lumayan, hasilnya mirip bolu yg beli di pasar, jajanan waktu masih kecil.wink Isinya pake selai blueberry….. yummy…. anak2 suka banget. Thanx Ching resepnya.biggrin

In English
Got recipe from my friend Ching, Roll cake using only 3 eggs so curious….. so try to make it. First dough was to sticky, so make another one with liquid milk. Not bad, the taste like cake that sell in the traditional market, my snack when a little.
wink Filling using blueberry jam….yummy…. my kids really like it. Thanx for the recipe Ching.biggrin


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